Need a Door Repair? I Can Help!

I am a seasoned door repair and garage maintenance professional. Walker Overhead Door & Handyman Service Having been founded in 2023 in Goldsboro, NC by myself, with over 28 years of hands-on experience, my business is built on a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise, and passion for the trade.

Door Repair

Door Repair

My Goal

My main ambition is to provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient door repair and maintenance services. I passionately strive to exceed your expectations and meet your needs.

My Values

Integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of my business operations. I can continuously provide high-standard services and maintain strong relationships with my clients by upholding these values.

Walker Overhead Door & Handyman Service‘s vision is simple yet profound – to be my area’s leading choice for garage door maintenance. I aim to be recognized not just for the excellence of my work but for the superior customer service I offer.

My mission is to deliver exceptional door and garage repair services that stand the test of time. I am committed to using my extensive industry experience to ensure you receive solutions that align with your needs.

Contact me today at (984) 267-1384 in Goldsboro, NC or schedule an appointment to experience my outstanding service. This is not just about fixing doors for me – it’s about ensuring my clients’ safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction. Your door, your property, and your security are my utmost priority. My professional garage door maintenance services let me make a difference in your home or business.


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